Annual General meeting

Friends of Hollinswood and Randlay Valley

Annual General Meeting, Everyone welcome

Tuesday 15th January 2019 at Hollinswood Neighbourhood Centre, Upper Chamber 1900 hours. Light  refreshments will be available.


1.Welcome and Apologies

2. Shropshire Wildlife Trust -Katie Piercy, Depave Project.

3. Chairman’s 2018 Report

4. Treasurer’s Report as at the end of December 2018

5. Election of Officers (two year appointment)

a. Chairman

b. Vice Chairman


d. Treasurer

e. Events

f. Web Site Officer

g Public Relations Officer

h. Environment Officer

6. Local nature Reserve and Management Plan update

7.Future Events

8. Telford Green Space Partnership update

9. Ongoing/ Future Projects/ Bids

10. Twinkle

11. Future Meetings

a. Tuesday 26th February

b.Tuesday 4th June

c.Tuesday 3rd September

d. Tuesday 21st January 2020 ( Annual General Meeting)

12. Volunteer Days- 1st Tuesday of every month. Meet at Hollinswood Pavilion 10.00.

Saturday Volunteer days will be arranged as and when required

13. Other matters for information


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